‘The River’ Master’s Commission Frequently Asked Questions

Love God. Love People. Make Disciples.

In Matthew 22 Jesus is asked what the greatest of all the commandments is. He responds in verses 37-39 by saying “…LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND. This is the first and greatest commandment.
The second is like it, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.”

Our goal is to disciple people to love God wholeheartedly, love people deeply, and let this determine how they live their life and carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) We desire to create an atmosphere that allows you the time, resources and opportunities to deepen your relationship with God with no distractions, and lay a solid foundation in Christ that will be built upon for the rest of your life.
“To Know God and to Make Him Known”

What Should I Expect?

You will be challenged spiritually through the discipline of Bible study and teachings, hands-on ministry opportunities, become grounded in Biblical truth and Identity, learn to live a God centered life,
and realize the gifts God has given and how to use them for His glory.

Practically, during your nine months here at The River you’ll learn useful life skills for communication, problem solving, money management, healthy relationships, healthy living and exercise and much more through various activities, teachings and everyday interaction with God’s Word and His people.

We are the church, alive, living and active and moving with His spirit in our daily lives! Reaching people where they are at and discipling a generation to GO! You can anticipate being part of the tight knit bond that develops within our team and being exhorted to live a Spirit-led life everyday!

When does The River MC begin and end?

MC begins August 29th, 2016 with Graduation on May 27th 2017

Are there any Age Limits or Requirements?

We don’t put a maximum age limit on where God is working, yet, we do require that you be at least 18 years of age by the MC start date, as well as have your high school diploma or GED.
Master’s Commission is mostly geared for single individuals, although, we have had several married couples attend together, as well as some situations where only one spouse is able to join.
We do not, however, feel it is financially or morally responsible to accept any student who is a single parent—if they are the ones solely responsible for providing for their child.

You MUST be a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and firmly believe that bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God.  We, as Christians, must always be actively seeking God, worship, our individual calling, gifts, fruit, fellowship & relationships, the word, prayer, etc.  MC is an extension of all of that.

Is The River MC just for people going into Full-Time Ministry?

All Christians should be in full-time ministry, so in that sense- yes!
However, no matter what vocation or career you pursue, if you are called to be in the 5-fold ministry or in the workplace (7 Mountains of Influence), disciples of Jesus are people-minded and always ready to join God wherever He is working.

Will I have experience in the areas I am interested in?

Our students don’t come out of Masters trained in only one area of ministry. We give you opportunities to participate in as many areas of ministry as possible. It is a great experience as many broaden their view of how God can use them and what they find to be their passion.
Some of these areas include: Youth, Various Children & Adult Ministries, Drama & The Arts, Worship, Media, Conferences & Missions/Outreach Trips, Street Witnessing, Serving Local Churches and Community and more!

How much does it cost to come to ‘The River’ MC?

Tuition for the school year Aug 2016 – May 2017 is $4800

Students who are interested in enrolling in Berean School of the Bible or West Coast Bible College will need to pay an additional $1000 per school year (depending on chosen Degree)

This is how tuition will be paid:
Non-refundable Deposit $500.00 Due within 30 days after being accepted.
Remaining balance due by the first day of MC (unless prior arrangements have been accepted).

If you decide within the first fifteen days to discontinue your stay at The River MC your tuition, minus the $500 non-refundable deposit, will be refunded to you. After that date no tuition will be refunded. So, make sure that you are committed to stay the entire 9 months. We have found that we are one of the most affordable MC programs out there and strive to offer a lot to our students for as little as is possible.

What does the Tuition include?

Tuition includes curriculum & books (except for Berean or West Coast), conferences, retreats & domestic travel, Supplies & general operations, Gym membership, staff, MC Gear & housing.

Is this an Accredited School?

Master’s Commission is an international program, and while we are an officially affiliated program with MCIN, it is not accredited. Students will have an option (not required) to work with Global University to become Certified Ministers (9 courses in 9 months) or can choose to obtain their Associates (1 yr program) or Bachelor’s Degree (2 yr program) in the ministry area of their choice through WCBCS (West Coast Bible College and Seminary). Berean and West Coast Cirriculum and Degrees are an added expense to the student if they so choose and are an additional $1000 above and beyond their tuition.  The River MC is an official Study Center, however, and on-site tutoring is available.

What are some ways I can come up with the Tuition?

There are several ways to pay for Master’s Commission. A few keys ways we have found to be effective are working and saving money, writing support letters to friends, families, and Christian businesses,
Fundraising, and receiving home church or family sponsorship (in full or monthly).
We also have a fundraising opportunity during the Summer months for students to be involved in—contact us for more details.  The main Summer trip is usually scheduled for July in the Seattle, WA area. Each student can earn appx. $500 directly towards their tuition. PLEASE contact us ASAP if you are interested in securing your spot for this fundraising event! During the MC program we will also be including some fundraising trips and activities for our extra activities and expenses along the way. This helps keep our tuition costs as low as possible.
Every person who comes to Master’s Commission has a different story of how God provided for them financially. Each story is a miracle. Keep working and praying and the money will work itself out. God is faithful and He is not limited by money. Don’t give up, His will-His Bill 🙂

What about food, gas and spending money?

You do need to have your own spending money; we recommend that you have a savings account or monthly sponsorship for all those personal needs and wants. TRMC does not provide food, gas, personal toiletries or spending money. We do, however, have locker rooms, a laundry room and a large kitchen available for student use.

Can I have a job while in Master’s Commission?

Our First Year students are so active that they are not allowed to work considering our schedule can be very demanding, varies from week to week and needs to be completely flexible depending on activities, trips, etc.
We want all your focus and energy to be on why you are here: to become a disciple of Christ.
However, Second Year MC Students and Third Year Interns are encouraged to work part-time.

Am I allowed to date while in Master’s Commission?

During a student’s first nine-months in Master’s Commission, no dating is permitted
(unless, of course, you are already married or engaged).
We call this the “No Dating Covenant”.

The heart behind this is to allow you to commit totally to Jesus (and Jesus alone) without any distractions, and learn to build healthy, God honoring relationships. You are giving nine-months of your life, and committing yourself totally to Him. That relationship will transform and impact every relationship you have. For this year, we ask that you make a commitment (to yourself, to us, and more importantly to God) that Christ will be the total focus of your stay here…and not a member of the opposite sex.

Please understand that we take this very seriously and consider it an issue of integrity. If you decide to attend The River and enter into this “No Dating Covenant” it is for the entire nine months of the program.
Violation of the “No Dating Covenant” is grounds for immediate expulsion.

A healthy ‘Relationship Plan’ is allowed for Second Year Students and Third Year Interns 🙂

Will I have any days off?

Of course! In addition to a few nights of the week (depending on Evening Services/Activities) we will have one whole day (usually Monday) and a half off (Sunday) per week (most weeks). There is also a Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.
Don’t forget, Master’s Commission runs during the school year—
So you will have all Summer off 🙂

What about a Car & Medical Insurance?

All students need to provide their own transportation, car insurance and maintenance–
Or if you do not have a vehicle of your own, make carpool/ other arrangements. Transportation will be provided for MC related activities during school hours.
Don’t let lack of transportation stop where God is leading you!
It is recommended that all students be covered under their family or individual medical insurance policy and sign a liability release/medical waiver.

Where will I live?

Students live with families from either our church or other local churches, on their own (2nd Yrs and Interns only) or in the on-site dorms. Homeowners have gone through a background check, application process and are generously opening up their homes to provide a bedroom for you. A different living situation gets your out of your normal comfort zone, gives you an opportunity to live with people outside your family, creates a respect zone, and provides opportunities to learn how to live and communicate with different people. Students may be housed together depending on space available.
No single student will be placed in a home where only a single member of the opposite sex resides.

How are Housing and Roommate decisions determined?

Each student fills out a housing questionnaire upon acceptance (See Student Resource Tab). Then based on the openings we have, you will be placed according to the questionnaire and where God tells us to place you. First Year students will be housed in our on-site dorms.

Where will I go to Church?

While you’re here at The River MC you will be attending The River Church. We want the church to know and be actively involved with you. Also, we will be helping out in services and ministries, etc.

What is the Application Deadline?

Applications are processed during the Summer months– so please get a head start and send in your Application early.  Application Deadline is July 15th. Deposit Deadline (if accepted) is August 1st.  This allows us to order all of your gear and materials before the start date of MC.  If you are a late applicant due to an unforeseen circumstance (after August 1st), please be sure to contact us immediately.

What happens after I apply?

After we receive your COMPLETED application AND all 3 reference forms, we will review them, possibly setup an interview of sorts, and then pray as a staff about your involvement with The River.
A letter of acceptance or denial will be sent out and if accepted-

Your Student Handbook & Welcome Packet.

Where is ‘The River’ MC located?

Post Falls, ID (Population appx. 29,000) is located 4 miles East of the border of Idaho and Washington. We experience the beauty of the Northwest with mountains, rivers, lakes, trees and all four seasons! The big city of Spokane, WA is 20 miles away going West, and surrounding Post Falls on the North, South and East are the smaller cities of Hayden, Rathdrum and the well-known tourist attraction- Coeur d’Alene.
The Canadian border is 100 miles North and just about an hour away headed East is the Montana border. Only 4 hours away is Glacier National Park where we take our students on retreats as well as some ministry opportunities in the smaller cities of MT.
The River Church—our home base, is located at 1687 E. Horsehaven Ave. Post Falls, ID 83854 and is where most classroom and varied church activities will take place (in addition to local churches of the area).

What do I do after Master’s Commission?

Sound familiar? After your 9 months at The River you will have a solid foundation to build the ministry that God has called you to with the gifts, abilities, calling and experiences you’ve discovered while here. You will continue growing in your relationship with Jesus, become involved in your local church, disciple people anywhere you decide to go and in whatever you decide to do throughout your life.

“To Know God and to Make Him Known”

Our Third Year Internship is by invitation only depending on where God is leading. It is a more intense program geared towards those who feel called to go even deeper into leadership than 2nd Years.

So, what are you waiting for?

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